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Here is collection of songs that have been playing while I’m doing things from playing drawing to playing video games. A lot of these are very danceable songs, so you may find yourself grooving to these tunes. I hope you enjoy them.

1. New Romantics by Taylor Swift
This is a good song to open a list. I don’t know what it is, but I have become quite find of three Taylor Swift songs lately. Heads up:  Each will appear on this list. This song is just so chipper and danceable. I heard it while experiencing some video game nostalgia, so that gave it an additional aura that helped it stick with me. However, on its own, I feel myself taking along a ride with the music. I hope you enjoy the ride too.

2. Into the Hollywood Groove by Madonna featuring Miss Elliot
I am also on a Madonna kick recently. She may be an odd bird, but she has made some kickass pop music. This is a remix of her song “Into the Groove” with a sample of her song “Hollywood.” I was introduced to this song by Todd in the Shadow’s Cinemadonna video series where he reviews Madonna’s film career. This song was also used in an advertisement to sell Gap jeans. This song has such a great dance groove, and Madonna’s lyricism flows smoothly along the infections beat. This is my kind of dance jam.

3. Queen of Clubs by Azealia Banks
There are some artists who have noxious personalities but make really catchy music. Along with her aggressive rap songs, Azealia Banks has made some pop tracks that I like. This is one of them off her recent mixtape, “Slay-Z.”

4. Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar is a great artist. With this song, he takes a theme that is so often gloried, drinking alcohol, which is also a staple theme in the hip-hop genre, and turns it on its head by telling a story in the lyrics about the negative aspects of drinking. It is a great song that hits its mark.

5. Try Everything by Shakira/Gazelle
Okay. Honestly, this is a fairly generic self-empowerment anthem that is attached to a quality film. It’s a decent song on its own. I’ll take this over Katy Perry’s “Roar” any day.

6. Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift
This is another Taylor Swift song I adore. That heart beat in the background, her breathy vocals in the verses, the build up to the chorus:  They all pay off into that great delivery of that fantasy she creates, that desire. The song feels like it actually about something personal to her. Considering her dating record, it probably is.

7. Meza Virs from Extreme-G 2
Drum ‘n bass is a divisive genre. It went out of style many years ago and for good reason. Like when anything gets popular, it gets beaten into the ground, and since drum ‘n bass already has a lot of repletion and some degree of minimalism that highlights the repeat bits, it can get old fast. Sometimes though, drum ‘n bass can work like it does with this track from the video game Extreme-G 2. That game, unfortunately, replaced the incredible techno music that the first game had with drum ‘n bass that is reasonably forgettable, except for this song that plays in a beautiful forest race track.

8. Ray of Light by Madonna
This is one of Madonna’s signature songs from what I hear, and it is a pretty great song. It is one of the up-tempo standouts from her critically acclaimed Ray of Light album. This would a great song to race to in a video game or to have in a shopping montage. It is a very invigorating track.

9. Space Oddity by David Bowie
I only had a passing familiarity with David Bowie for a number of years. I regret not going out and learning more about him before he died. He was one hell of a man and a legendary artist. Space Oddity is one of his all-time greatest songs. It is just so perfectly constructed. The instrumentals are complex and all mesh together seamlessly, and then you have Bowie’s vocals, which are on point every time. I just bought his most recent greatest hits album, so there are probably going to be some more David Bowie songs on the next list.

10. Style by Taylor Swift
I liked this song so much I drew a picture inspired by the music video and song’s sound.… This is Taylor Swift’s best song, I think. I was not a fan of her older music, and her more recent stuff is hit or miss for me, but this song is a hit for sure.

11. Little Star by Madonna
This song genuinely surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. First off, this song is dedicated to Madonna’s first born daughter. Yes, it is a bit saccharine, but that works. I want to draw attention to the production. I love electronic that is done right. Electronic music is a dump ground for lazy club and radio filler, but when the production has some effort and care put into it, you can create a grand song. The instrumental sounds like a great track to a Sonic the Hedgehog game coupled with drum ‘n bass that serves as a complement rather primary feature. And then you have the lyrics which are just so pleasant. I can imagine this made into a great lullaby. Little Star, one of my favorite Madonna songs.

12. Holiday by Madonna
And now for my favorite Madonna song! Life can suck. Horrible things happen. People get screwed over when they don’t deserve it. Everyone needs an escape every now and then. I can find that in music. I like to be swept away into my own world with the help of a good song. Holiday is one of those songs. I think it is that kind of song for a lot of people. It is so jovial and elicits so much joy. Anyone can get up and dance to this song. In light recent events, we need keep going. Keep on dancing.

Let me know what you guys think of this collection of tunes. Let me know what you are listening to in the comments below.


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